Wednesday, November 24, 2010



It was crazy"

a former girl friend turnt stalker ( Kathryn P )  of Queens New York got into my head and almost convinced me to move in with her, I almost lost my place gave away some of my furniture then last minute she changes her mind. A month prior to that she wins a setlement and offers to give me as a gift $2000.00 of which at first I turned down but then says it's a gift to help me with bills and to get the moving truck to move in and storage for my things so I agreed

The plan was for us to live together and combine our bills and save up to move to a bigger & better place but after she completely changed her mind and almost had me in the streets , Thank God I managed to convince my landlord to let me stay, well I was upset so to blow off some steam I went to Atlantic City for a day blew bout $500.00 then used the rest to pay some bills she got upset that I went to AC and didn't invite her I said I lost half my furniture and almost lost my apartment because of her bull _ _ _?

she stalked or text me bout 18 times a day and always called only to argue so I told her to take a walk well she demanded her money back and called it a loan I said in the first place it was a gift but because she kept harassing and calling me all the time even at my job I agreed to pay her back weekly til we kept arguing and she tried to throw my daughter under the bus so I asked her to stop including my daughter or I'll change my mind about paying her so kept on texting and calling with her psycho sh.. so I chose not to give her a dime. she took it to small claims court which in turn The Peoples Court contacted us and said do we want to be on the show? since I had texts cell phone tapes and messages of her saying or agreeing that it was a gift to help me and proof that I almost lost my apartment from a notarized letter from my landlord I accepted .

Since she knew I had a lot on her the only thing she tried to do was try to slander my name by saying that I am a compulsive gambler and blew all the money in AC but I had proof from my job with their letter head that I work six days a week from 5 pm til midnight with a double on Sunday's and the only day I have off is Tuesday's but on that day I baby sit my grand daughter from what she calls ( GRAMPA DAY ) and my daughter gave me a notarized letter indicating that and also Trump plaza gave me a print out via email that shows my last three visits which was 4 to 6 months in between so for me to be a compulsive gambler I would have to have a life and a compulsive gambler go's to AC maybe once or twice a week rather than 4 to six months apart..

Anyway the judge would not allow me to present all my evidence and only let me play my tape which to her was enough to declare the verdict in my favor but I wish I had to chance to speak out against her fake false claims and Judge Miliano acted like she was impartial or stereo typical towards men and like maybe she didn't want me to win because when I raised my hand to present my evidence against her fake charges she cut my off and told me to put my hands down and said it in a SHE'S UPSET MANNER.

Yesterday the show edited the whole show not showing much of my evidence, I gave the judge copies of my notarized letters letters from my job showing that I work six days a week at crazy hours from 5 til midnight and a double Sunday and a email letter from TRUMP PLAZA since I am a member they pulled a print out showing the last three times I went four to six months apart which shows if I was A COMPULSIVE gambler like she accused me of then I would have to have a life and go at least once or twice a week to the casino's THAT EVIDENCE NEVER AIRED. then you see me on TV getting ready to show the tapes THAT WAS NEVER AIRED" basically most of the talk came from the plaintiff ( Kathy ) and they practically shut me out but I still won the case.
That judge is a male bashing chauvinistic @#%@#!! but anyway I won :-)

FYI She used our brake up argument and conversation during those last days texting mad at each other to say that she didn't like my verbal abuse ' well the verbal EXCHANGE abuse didn't start or was never a factor until we had the fall out & brake up but because she didn't have anything else she used that as a key tool to try and win .

In my 50 years of life I've been all around America and traveled a little abroad, I seen things done things and experienced a lot in my life, while doing that I have always been curious about the meaning of life religion God and LOVE, I got involved in several aspects of this by many forms to try and find the true answer to it all .
I messed with several women of different races and from different places joined several religions and even a Christian school where I received a degree in religious studies and theology but I still only knew the distorted encrypted camel flashed version and had to read between the lines to get an understanding , I still had many unanswered questions so I encased myself in the world of reading on everything from theology philosophy theosophy alchemy kabbalah sacred geometry astro theology quantum physics and much much more while searching for spiritual enlightenment and traveling on a crew full of over 50 young men & women who lived traveled and worked together staying out of hotels and motels working as a traveling salesman.
I as a free young and independent man got involved in my share of messing around and even week end orgy's but not until I met my wife Lisa who at first became my very good friend that I could talk to and was a great listener to each other,

At first we or at least I didn't want to turn this into a relationship because I didn't want to interfere with our great friendship but as we progressed our friendship went from good friends to lovers to husband & wife so she became my soul mate who knew me inside out and likewise'
so she opened up my eyes to understanding true love, she was there for me through thick & thin through my ups & downs good times and bad times, we thought alike even when we were far apart from each other and when we made love it was like when you can't wait to get up and open your Christmas gifts like when you were a teenager and finally got with that 10 everybody else wanted in school like when your mother made you feel like you were the best thing on the planet like when you experienced your first high and felt like nothing can stop you like sex was like fire crackers connected to your heart mind and emotions....
HUHHHH" anyway' I haven't felt like that since and that was 23 years ago since my wife died of leukemia and believe me I tried..but first I went into mental physical and emotional seclusion for two years by going celibate then I tried to get back into the swing of relationship but my meaning and understanding my reasoning and even my expectations were high and always mentally compared others to what I got used to or what I wanted and since I was at the time making over $1500.00 a week I kept meeting materialistic money hungry users who always wanted and used me as their credit card or ATM others didn't believe in the meaning to commitment or an honest relationship and I caught them messing around behind my back so I really didn't find what I really needed, and I don't need  someone that can turn me into an emotional roller coaster because I can do bad by myself so as I began to become one with the universe and prey & meditate every day and night I adopted this like krishna consciousness were shutting off those worldly temptations like drugs alcohol smoking or l sex and or other things that may distract or control your way of thinking.
Believe me through fasting prayer and meditation it became easy to do. but life is a journey and I am on a trip to reinvent myself morally mentally physically and spiritually . I no longer allow the masses nor todays styles nor what people say or think about me nor worldly habits to control me. I AM NOW THE MASTER OF MY FAITH AND THE CAPTAIN OF MY SHIP I am not here to satisfy you nor make new friends nor win a popularity contest ,don't care whether you hate me or you like me I am not in competition with you so I won't walk behind you nor in front of you but side by side. Now you may not like the MESSAGEMAN but you gonna like the MESSAGE.


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