Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Ben Laden captured killed and buried at sea???

Let us first take a look at some info .....
then Barak Obama announces the capture of Osama...
Then the most wanted man in the world 24 hours later get's buried at sea out of RESPECT ????...lol

please don't get me wrong I would love to believe that our U.S. military caught Osama but it's just suspicious and questionable we America with the pride and EGO we poses will have a trophy like THE MOST WANTED MAN in the world and 24 hours after capture throw him in the sea?? COME ON.... and this we want to respect customs or religious beliefs thing' Osama was a radical Muslim who didn't fallow the true meaning or beliefs or Muslims and or the Quran and secondly we was a mass murderer who master mind the killing of close to 4000 Americans on 911 so for them to say we want to follow the respect of the 24 after death burial thing is just to fishy. We caught Saddam Hussain and even after his death was buried several day after in December 31 2006 but six month's before re-election ON MAY DAY...it just doesn't sound or smell right but if it's true then GREAT butttttt.......???? mmmm lol

or.....maybe they caught him month's ago and it wasn't time to announce it so they kept him on ice for the right time as a card up their sleeve then they go shoot up a building with a couple of suspected bad guys kill them and say WE GOT EM!!! then they say: if they do an autopsy their gonna know we had him longer than what we say we did ..SO WHAT DO WE DO??? Hey I got it!! let's throw him in the ocean. the most protected most watched mass murderer and master mind head of the terrorist movement just all of a sudden let down his guard and decided to stay in a BIG MANSION with his wives and a couple of body guards...??? Ooooooo Kayyyy :)
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We the people of this planet have lost our way' our core values , our understanding of life and the pursuit of happiness. We have replaced words like respect caring and love with greed envy and hate, we've made the $$$$$$$ our God our mainmotivation , we will sell out our family friends and many times ourselves for the power & control of money and so here we are today our people and our planet going to hell in a hand basket.. There was a time people were proud and if you took advantage or tried to pool the wool over our heads we would be up in arms demanding the truth pushing for a full investigation marching and demonstrating and writing to congress and making as much noise as necessary to get our point across and today we easily fall for the smooth tongue snake oil sales men's lies the cheap theatrics and camoulflage the questionable practices by the financial markets media politicians and government and even when it doesn't add up or smell right we still allow it or accept it as fact proof or a way of life. Where onces in the 60's & 70's there was a strong belief in the American dream and the middle class there is now only the rich vs the poor and YES the American dream still exist but you have to be dreaming to see it and when you wake up and open your eyes the reality is that we've been dreaming for too long and allowed these wolves to sneak up on us and turn Americas into American't. Again I say:I could understand why some would allow all tis bull to be played on us while we were distracted by blue collar jobs buying land and new homes six figure incomes etc|: we were living as middle class citizens in the American dream but now with unemployment ski rocketing the real estate crash fortune 500 Companies going under stock losses a new recession and near depression two wars a wallstreet bailout this concept of THE MIDDLE CLASS or the AMERICAN DREAM went out the window with the babies dirty bath water so I thought after the party was over and the peoples high wore off and they sobered people would WAKE UP look around and say: WHAT THE ELL IS GOING ON|?? but NO we're still walking around acting as if nothing is wrong and life go's on still taking ouir sleeping pills. LOOK" I don't care what you think of me or what me or anyone says or tells you but at least DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH- DO YOUR HOME WORK look up information ask questions educate yourself and arm yourself with the facts then do what you feel is necessary afterwards. it's crazy back when we didn't have the technology the internet and the speed by which we can now look up something people could tell us anything ands we would believe it but now you have no excuse and nothing stays hidden for too long but some how by personally bought mass media manipulation watered down snake oil sales men as politicians the dumbing down of society by bombarding us with bull shit entertainment cheap theatrics manipulated foods with agriculture now controlled by our U.S. government our education controlled by government and a tsunami of mental psychological FEAR campaign imposed on the human race to keep us at bay and in our place ...It is sad to watch my grand daughter and think of what we're leaving behind for them to bear.I prayed last night for global humanity to finally wake up and open their eyes and work / fight together for the same common cause' TO SAVE HUMANITY AND THE PLANET to rid ourselves of these evil greedy power & money hungry monsters that look at us only as a number rather than human beings.We have an army over over SIX BILLION STRONG from every place and every race men and women young and old and our commanding general is the infinite spirit divine God of all Gods and so with our third eye open global unification the power of love and respect for all we can truly make change happen for the better I know you all think I'm still dreaming and that everything is fine or that I'm just an overly concerned NUT CASE conspiracy theorist so that's why I say don't listen to me but do your own research and get informed JOIN THE WAKE UP REVOLUTION because whether you like it or not it will affect you too!! ♥ NAMASTE ♥

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