Sunday, October 17, 2010


To be an active part of A LOVE REVOLUTION doesn't necessarily mean joining a church or a religion or anything like that, it means joining the revolution for REAL change in your lives.
The way we think act and do things in our lives having positive choices in our every day decision making,being mindful of others feelings respecting everyone we come in contact with learning to appreciate the gift of giving in many forms , giving of your time giving to the needy if you can, learning to make sacrifices for a better tomorrow by getting involved in the CHANGE process through or with a neighborhood school church community program talking to others about the REVOLUTION spreading the LOVE to as many people as you can by saying it being it and living it.
It's been proven that war hate control jealousy discrimination racism or violence only fuels the fire to these acts & feelings and humanity is not only polluting themselves but the future of our children & grand children as well and the only real people that benefits from these acts are the select few that have carefully orchestrated a psychical social matrix mind game through the FEAR FACTOR that makes us believe that all this is normal and while we're busy fighting and hating and destroying and staying separated they are gaining control & power of our land property minds and everything else and believe me they will campaign hard through the global media in politics and even by using our schools and religions to convince us that the evil is one another so just as strong as they campaign we too must strongly campaign to rally up our LOVE troops from city to city state to state street to street and everywhere until it's a global LOVE unification . it's time to take control of our lives and find positive ways to globally unify and try and salvage what ever is left of our societies and humanity as well.

Do you remember the first time when you was a teenager when you fell in LOVE?
or even as a young adult when you believed you found that special someone. Do you remember how you felt? how you acted how happy you was to get up and start another day anticipating the time you two got together again... Well then imagine a LOVE like that but only stronger more sincere more real. A LOVE for life for your fellow humans a peace in your heart unlike any other feeling you've ever felt. This MAGIC feeling of LOVE is the potion the elixir the secret key to unlocking true potential from your heart & mind where your pineal gland will finally open up your third eye and you will begin to see things like you've never seen before. You'll begin to appreciated every waking day respecting and loving nature humanity the planet and the universe . it's as if you've been detoxed from the infection the virus the decease that society has place on us.
PEOPLE" Believe me.. it is time to wake up and experience this LOVE..

Excuse me if I don't crack a whip or wave a bible and tell you it's the end of the world or how if you don't your going to hell or tell you to obey your government or you'll be anti-American or tell you to follow and believe the media and t...heir crap about the way of life by helping to fuel the fear in our minds but I'm not going to tell you what to believe who to follow in politics, what I am saying is that what ever we do let's LOVE ourselves better and humanity as a whole and begin to show humility respect and charity to others regardless of race place gender looks beliefs or religions as long as if serves to better peoples lives in a positive way then we should finally begin by working on changing ourselves first.
The way we think
The way we act.
The negative things we do or allow in our lives
Our association with people that only brings us down
Our negative habits.
Start by making a list of what exactly is wrong or negative in your life and begin to tackle them one at time time.

Before there was blogging facebook  mysace Twitter or any other social network there was religion where people would gather meet up and socialize, 
Which I believe was a way for people to try and make new friends or find a mate .
You don't really believe people went to these houses of worship because the BELIEVED do you??
well' if they did' why do most church going people still lie cheat steal commit adultery and sin in every level of it's meaning?
then they act as if as long as they go to church wear their Sunday best carry a bible or a quran  and make a donation that it O.K then come Monday through Saturday it's FUN day but it's O.K. because soon it will be Sunday :-) SO ME' I don't need a church nor a religion just to try and win a popularity contest or make new friends I don't need to wear my Sunday best to try and make a fashion statement nor create or become a member of a church group who's main purpose is to talk about others or participate in group gossip about who's got what and what is someone wearing or not wearing who did or didn't do what etc: etc: etc: because I can do that up on facebook.
The infinite spirit is not concerned with anyone's fake phony materialistic water down wanna be religion which is exactly that if your not living to your true religious values. What you look like what you wear how many times you go to church how big is your bible or how eloquent you speak or how much you donate does not matter to the infinite spirit , It's all about YOU" what are YOU truly doing to change the YOU morally mentally physically and spiritually ? Have you written a list of your weaknesses and temptations ? are you trying to tackle them one by one? 24/7 constant prayer & meditation is a very important K toll to a progressive transformation of change.
Obviously once you've truly committed to real change you will be tempted. Like a smoker trying to quit or a person on a diet but those temptations are small compared to your Godly changes of which you will truly be tested all the time.
YES you will slip fall make mistakes but as long as you've committed made a list of the changes you need or want to make in your life working on tackling your weaknesses pray & mediate day and night seven days a week just like a weight lifter you will get stronger.
Again' I do understand that we're just mere mortals susceptible to weaknesses & temptations and so God will work with us as long as we work with ourselves and truly commit to this transformation but STOP using the church or it's religion as a club house a friend finder a dating service or taking advantage of the churches services Organizations and  kindness as a weakness and just keep it real.

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