Tuesday, January 10, 2012



OK I've come to realize that this thing we want to call a revolution a movement with the whole OCCUPY name is becoming side tracked and or some what misdirected to where there really isn't any main focus nor is there any MAIN CAUSE or TOPIC that OCCUPY nationwide is pushing"......?????

♥ I am a realest a positive thinking dedicated devoted member of helping to improve life for the human race but when I get involved in a cause or with a group it is because I believe in your fight put true & positive change with a direction that is believable respectable possible and positive that will help improve the quality of life for all mankind even if  we have to make sacrifices to get there and YES I understand that there are more than one problem we as a society are facing and that our politicians have ignored our plights & problems for far too long now put we have to be organized be professional and  intellectual and also stick to ONE main focus that will be the mother of all our problems and that's MONEY OUT OF POLITICS ..it is money that is corrupting our good politicians it is money that is selling this country down the river it is money that runs everything and with regulating wall street and mandating the banking industry while creating an accountability process by where we can not only watch their actions but hold them accountable for their actions setting up a law or bill where we can place a cap or quota on how much money companies or corporations and lobbyists is allowed to give or get to government or politicians and even work on repealing the federal reserve act of 1913 and replacing it with lawful money backed by the U.S treasury and even sue the feds to get back the gold they stole from America then everything else is part of our LET'S CHANGE slogans or programs.

We need to stop running around like lost puppies trying to find a home. We should have been marching by the 1000's nationwide fighting against NDAA section 1031 and 32 but we barely made any noise about that. There are many many people all across the country and abroad that believe in this AWAKENING  this cause but we must stay focused stay organized and stay strong to fight march protest and demonstrate for real issues and causes that are affecting mainstream society as awhole.

This whole park issue is a distraction and that fight can be fought in the summer and also there are many people organizations and contributions coming in that can help us with office space head quarters and indoor meeting spots so why are we wasting our time with these outdoor public parks??? disrespecting property trying to tear down gates arguing with police officers who are doing their jobs and if you choose to brake a fence or gate enter a closed off property or trust pass and it is time to get arrested then there is no need to resist arrest or fight struggle nor argue with the police , they are doing their jobs ,

LOOK we have many young strong energetic people whom are willing to stay out in the cold sleep out doors march or protest for hours on end e.t.c. then let's focus our time & attention on something that we can see will not only get attention and force the media to give us exposure and the continued support of everyone globally but also help to start making true & positive change a reality ♥.

learn to pick your battles and don't just talk about it be about it"

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