Monday, March 21, 2011


Dear God:
Jehovah Yeweah Ellohim Amen ra Buda Ganesha Allah or what ever global humanity calls you,
I take this time to pray to our universal infinite spirit God of everything everyone and anything from the beginning of nothingness to now' to say to please give us humans strength and the power to endure morally mentally physically and spiritually for because of an awakening throughout global society , an awakening of truth of the power of LOVE & ONENESS it seems we are being tested now more than ever' Something or someone is trying to break our spirit, but YOU' God will stand by our side and give us strength.
We are beginning to see with our third eye , the sleeping pill is wearing off, the negative shackles are falling off and WE universal global humans man and women young & old regardless of age race or place regardless of gender religion or political beliefs are realizing that WE have been duked bamboozled shamed scamed tricked and lied to by the present power that be' for their own monetary gain greed power and control and so they will you use every trick in the book by all means necessary to divide and conquer and stay in control. but ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!
We choose to no longer let them manipulate our hearts & minds we choose to lay down our swords & shields down by the river side and stop attacking each other brothers & sisters' to stop the hate the prejudice the greed the envy or jealousy and unite as one global universal sea of humanity of PEACE & LOVE of HUMILITY & CHARITY RESPECT & KINDNESS But the DARK evil empire of HATE & GREED with the power of NEGATIVITY knowing that their time is nearly up , that there is a change in the air A new shift of positivity , like the beginning of a NEW ERA so they are pulling out all their guns all the tricks up their sleeves and make a last ditch effort to salvage their power and control. SO...we may experience a weakened economy more poverty homelessness sicknesses earth quakes tsunami's wars etc: and it seems like it doesn't end here More hurt more hate more killing more greed more destruction
But we the people WILL NOT WEAKEN! We will not faultur or fall by the waste side. We will stand strong and stedfast globally united to assist our fellow brothers & sisters to extend a helping hand to the weak the meek the sick the handy cap the poor and the helpless and with the MIGHTY power of LOVE and the guidance direction and protection of our infinite spirit WE will finally stand on the head of the evil serpent and with the heel of our foot crush the head of this serpent.and finally become FREE & INDEPENDENT!! so I pray on this day that you please prepare us for the fight of our lives" The fight to stay strong to unite to pray & meditate to look for ways for us to share daily positive thoughts and actions with one another Teach us to lift each other UP rather than tear each other DOWN.
Please allow Michael the Arch Angel to let us borrow a spiritual suit of shining armour that we may learn not only to protect ourselves from head to toe but also become spiritual soldiers in your army of LOVE for humanity and this planet. THE WORST IS YET TO COME! so please help us to prepare" and thank you for listening.....

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