Sunday, January 29, 2012

WE THE PEOPLE - A people's party

For far too long now corrupt politics the monetary system and it's purposely designed to fail programs & policies has been manipulating and abusing humanity especially the 99% and from the look of things it's not getting any better which is why I have been involved in volunteering with and for positive people and community causes for about 30 years now even up to getting involved with the OCCUPY movement which personally I believe has a lot of good ideas and intentions but has gotten misdirected .
It is evident that people of all ages and races regardless of political parties profession or religious beliefs are waking up tired of being lied to used and abused and treated like a door mat and would like to see change in this country that would bring stability and security to society jobs back to our communities A people's bail out with regards to mortgages and college loans a free or better cost effective universal health care smaller government fully investigate wall street and the banks and MAKE THEM PAY tax the rich completely audit the feds and reduce or take away the power & control or strong hold on America that they have, A political over haul a sweep of both sides of the fence from every level of government and politics getting rid all those corrupt set in their ways members of the GOOD OL BOYS SOCIETY and get money bout of politics limiting the lobbyist power to sell out this country like a cheap ho or like junkies for the next monetary fix e.t.c.
We as an intelligent society must utilize our efforts in a peaceful positive creative way using people power intelligence technology and the arts to make our case and get our point across.
WE THE PEOPLE - A people's party is not a democrat party a republican party nor the tea party it is a PEOPLE'S party for every person of every aspect in life with gripes concerns and complaints and would LOVE to see true & positive transparent change become a reality so on Saturday March 3rd at 12 noon til ???I invite everyone to come join us in a PEACEFUL POSITIVE CREATIVE DEMONSTRATION and let your voices be heard"
MIND YOU" ..it is a peaceful positive movement and we will not allow accept support nor condone ignorance stupidity or violence.
REMEMBER" The police is not the enemy the corrupt system is..and to our police" please remember that WE ARE YOU" you are our neighbors your kids go to our kids schools we belong to the sames churches you are our union brothers & sisters they too have bills and mortgages and taxes and suffering from the same pinch and crunch we're feeling from within government with their jobs pensions 401K's e.t.c. so please do not allow those who want to shut us up or shut us down from exposing the truth to manipulate your minds and bring unnecessary negative attention to our movement.
RESPECT our rights to free speech and peacefully assemble and we will RESPECT the laws that do not infringe on the constitution and that are truly written laws on the books not the made up laws at spur of the moment to satisfy those in power.
Other than that" ♥ COME ONE ♥ COME ALL ♥ and let's make things happen " Bring your signs your ideas and let's form a THINK TANK get some real issues on paper and create a huge petition of THE PEOPLE'S DEMANDS to intrude to our politicians.
The 2012 elections are near and I'm sure like me that you are all tired of the fake phony slogans one liners and sound bites with all of it's empty promises as usual just to get elected'
We have to send a strong message to ALL of our politicians and inform them that the curtains are open the lights are on and the sleeping pills wore off and we see what their doing and we will not allow nor accept this any longer so let's stand strong and stand together and let's TAKE BACK AMERICA and OUR LIVES "
So come join a real movement with real intentions not for the left or the right not for any special interest groups nor political affiliate but for WE THE PEOPLE"...and REMEMBER" Oppression is mind over matter ♥ ♥ ♥ If you don't mind being oppressed then it won't matter"
UNION SQUARE ..Saturday March 3rd 12 noon ♥ BE THERE ♥

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