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Trapped by covid19 poem / audio version https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/s/?view=att&th=171ebf7cf21822f0&attid=0.1&disp=attd&safe=1&zw

Trapped by covid19 poem / audio version
https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/s/?view=att&th=171ebf7cf21822f0&attid=0.1&disp=attd&safe=1&zwTrapped by covid19 poem

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African-American Consumers are More Relevant Than Ever
Story by Michael Angelo Bosch AKA The MESSAGEMAN
With a current buying power of $1 trillion that is forecasted to reach $1.3 trillion by the year 2017*, the importance of connecting with African-American consumers is more important than ever. As detailed in a new report published by Nielsen in collaboration with the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), black consumers have notable distinctions from other consumer groups, and understanding this group critical to making lasting connections.
Currently 43 million strong, African-American consumers have unique behaviors from the total market. For example, they’re more aggressive consumers of media and they shop more frequently. Blacks watch more television (37%), make more shopping trips (eight), purchase more ethnic beauty and grooming products (nine times more), read more financial magazines (28%) and spend more than twice the time at personal hosted websites than any other group.
African-Americans make an average of 156 shopping trips per year, compared with 146 for the total market. Favoring smaller retail outlets, blacks shop more frequently at drug stores, convenience stores, and dollar stores. Beauty supply stores are also popular within the black community, as they typically carry an abundance of ethnic hair and beauty aids reside that cater specifically to the unique needs of African-American hair textures. Overall, health and beauty supply stores have an average household penetration rate of 46 percent among African-Americans, and the average black household spends an average of $94 in this store channel each year, providing a significant opportunity to connect with black shoppers.

Marching , demonstrating and protesting was a useful tool in the 60's and 70's but today there are laws being passed to target protestors as the enemy and there are new weapons created like the boom sound noise makers to interrupt crowds , sonic ray guns and a fully equipt militarized police state , therefore we as a people who are continuously attacking our young black men and many other young men & women being targeted , abused discriminated against and beaten and there are cases upon cases of these police officers getting away with these crimes

Everyday somewhere in America our young are dying and we need to take back our streets and take better care of our young .
I am not excusing nor saying that it is only a police problem, I do believe many families are out of touch with regard to their children's upbringing and YES parents should bare certain responsibiliteis to what their youth are doing or are involved in but in many of these city streets where recreational programs were pulled due to lack of funds, where unemployment is at an all time high, where crime and drugs have taken a toll , where housing is in poor condition, where educational institutions are hurting due to funds and the scores and drop outs are affecting proper learning etc families are already in the crunch with trying to survive but on both sides of the fence that is no excuse for parenting, mentoring guiding and watching over your kids or no excuse for the police to target  and treat a whole race or community like they are ALL thugs and criminals"

In order to be heard and make an impact stop marching, protesting or rioting and use your consumer buying power and social media to boycott and halt operations in your city until the people's needs are met.
Lets take advantage of our power in numbers and our buying power while also utilizing social media to spread the message to create a consumer revolution and boycott major stores & malls where an injustice by the police is occurring.

No one is listening and the media, the police , our politicians and government is sweeping this under the rug and looking the other way'

Beside Freddie Gray the most updated killing of a black man from Baltimore let's look at the long list of young black killed by the hands of cops in 2015 alone.
Here are the names of Black people killed by police in 2015

Walter Scott 50
Bernard Moore 62
Lavall Hall 25
Jonathan Ryan Paul 42
Jamie Croom 31
Terry Garnett Jr. 37
Monique Jenee Deckard 43
Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. 19
Tyrone Ryerson Lawrence 45
Naeschylus Vinzant 37
Andrew Anthony Williams 48
Dewayne Deshawn Ward Jr. 29
Ledarius Williams 23
Yvette Henderson 38
Edward Donnell Bright, Sr. 56
Thomas Allen Jr. 34
Charley Leundeu Keunang, “Africa” 43
Fednel Rhinvil 25
Shaquille C. Barrow 20
Kendre Omari Alston 16
Brandon Jones 18
Darrell “Hubbard” Gatewood 47
Cornelius J. Parker 28
Ian Sherrod 40
Jermonte Fletcher 33
Darin Hutchins 26
Glenn C. Lewis 37
Calvon A. Reid 39
Tiano Meton 25
Demaris Turner 29
Isaac Holmes 19
A’Donte Washington 16
Terry Price 41
Stanley Lamar Grant 38
Askari Roberts 35
Dewayne Carr 42
Terrance Moxley 29
Theodore Johnson 64
Cedrick Lamont Bishop 30
Anthony Hill 27
Terence D. Walke 21
Janisha Fonville 20
Phillip Watkins 23
Anthony Bess 49
Desmond Luster, Sr. 45
James Howard Allen 74
Natasha McKenna 37
Herbert Hill 26
Markell Atkins 36
Kavonda Earl Payton 39
Rodney Walker 23
Donte Sowell 27
Mario A. Jordan 34
Artago Damon Howard 36
Andre Larone Murphy Sr. 42
Marcus Ryan Golden 24
Brian Pickett 26
Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed 41
Ronald Sneed 31
Leslie Sapp III 47
Matthew Ajibade 22
Here are the names of Black people killed by police in 2014 (R.I.P)
Kevin Davis, 44
Eric Tyrone Forbes, 28
Jerame C. Reid, 36
David Andre Scott, 28
Quentin Smith, 23
Terrence Gilbert, 25
Carlton Wayne Smith, 20
Gregory Marcus Gray, 33
Antonio Martin, 18
Tyrone Davis, 43
Xavier McDonald, 16
Brandon Tate-Brown, 26
Dennis Grisgby, 35
Michael D. Sulton, 23
Thurrell Jowers, 22
Travis Faison, 24
Calvin Peters, 49
Christopher Bernard Doss, 41
Jerry Nowlin, 39
William Mark Jones, 50
Rumain Brisbon, 34
Lincoln Price, 24
Eric Ricks, 30
Leonardo Marquette Little, 33
Tamir E. Rice, 12
Akai Gurley, 28
Myron De’Shawn May, 39
Keara Crowder, 29
Tanisha N. Anderson, 37
Darnell Dayron Stafford, 31
David Yearby, 27
Aura Rosser, 40
Carlos Davenport, 51
Cinque DJahspora, 20
Rauphael Thomas, 29
Christopher M. Anderson, 27
Charles Emmett Logan, 68
John T. Wilson, III, 22
Christopher Mason McCray, 17
Kaldrick Donald, 24
Zale Thompson, 32
Terrell Lucas, 22
Ronnie D. McNary, 44
Adam Ardett Madison, 28
Balantine Mbegbu, 65
Elisha Glass, 20
Qusean Whitten, 18
Vonderrit Myers Jr., 18
O’Shaine Evans, 26
Latandra Ellington, 36
Aljarreau Cross, 29
Iretha Lilly, 37
Lashano J. Gilbert, 31
Miguel Benton, 19
Eugene Williams, 38
Tracy A. Wade, 39
Javonta Darden, 20
Marlon S. Woodstock, 38
Oliver Jarrod Gregoire, 26
Nolan Anderson, 50
Cameron Tillman, 14
John Jolly Jr., 28
Charles Smith, 29
Michael Willis Jr., 42
Briant Paula, 26
Kashad Ashford, 23
Carrey Brown, 26
Ceasar Adams, 36
Ricky Deangelo Hinkle, 47
Elijah Jackson, 33
Darrien Nathaniel Hunt, 22
Shawn Brown, 20
Alphonse Edward Perkins, 50
Naim Owens, 22
Kendrick Brown, 35
Eugene N. Turner III, 28
Ronald Singleton, 45
Jeremy Lewis, 33
Vernicia Woodward, 26
Cortez Washington, 32
Steven Lashone Douglas, 29
Desean Pittman, 20
Roshad McIntosh, 18
Anthony Lamar Brown, 39
Arvel Douglas Williams, 30
Darius Cole-Garrit, 21
Kajieme Powell, 25
David Ellis, 29
Luther Lathron Walker, 38
Andre Maurice Jones, 37
Frederick R. Miller, 38
Michelle Cusseaux, 50
Dante Parker, 36
Corey Levert Tanner, 24
Ezell Ford, 25
Robert Baltimore, 34
Dustin Keith Glover, 27
Eddie Davis, 67
Michael Brown, Jr., 18
Michael Laray Dozer, 26
John Crawford III, 22
Daniel Row, 37
Jacorey Calhoun, 23
Anthony Callaway, 27
Patrick Small, 27
Harrison Carter, 29
Vamond Arqui Elmore, 37
Donovan Bayton, 54
Charles Leon Johnson, II, 29
Briatay McDuffie, 19
Jonathan L. Williams, 25
Eric Garner, 43
Dominique Charon Lewis, 23
Michael Reams, 47
Lawrence Campbell, 27
Kenny Clinton Walker, 23
Tyshawn Hancock, 37
Charles Goodridge, 53
Cedric Stanley, 35
Ennis Labaux, 37
Warren Robinson, 16
Christopher Jones, 30
Icarus Randolph, 26
Jacqueline Nichols, 64
Jerry Dwight Brown, 41
Nyocomus Garnett, 35
Rodney Hodge, 33
Paul Ray Kemp Jr., 40
Dennis Hicks, 29
Samuel Johnson, 45
Lavon King, 20
Antoine Dominique Hunter, 24
Samuel Shields, 49
Juan May, 45
Denzell Curnell, 19
Ismael Sadiq, 30
Devaron Ricardo Wilburn, 21
John Schneider, 24
Jason Harrison, 38
Frank Rhodes, 61
Roylee Vell Dixon, 48
Broderick Johnson, 21
David Latham, 35
Lonnie Flemming, 31
Steven Thompson, 26
Thomas Dewitt Johnson, 28
Frank McQueen, 34
Sandy Jamel McCall, 33
Quintico Goolsby, 36
Dominique Franklin, Jr., 23
George V. King, 19
James Renee White Jr., 21
Devante Kyshon Hinds, 21
Pearlie Golden, 93
Jerome Dexter Christmas, 44
Armand Martin, 50
Dontre H. Hamilton, 31
Joe Huff, 86
Emmanuel Wooten
Matthew Walker, 55
Daniel Christoph Yealu, 29
Adrian Williams, 29
Gregory Towns, 24
Jameel Kareem Ofurum Harrison, 34
Zikarious Jaquan Flint, 20
Raason Shaw, 20
DeAndre Lloyd Starks, 27
Douglas Cooper, 18
Winfield Carlton Fisher III, 32
Deosaran Maharaj, 51
Daniel Martin, 47
Emerson Clayton Jr., 21
Rebecca Lynn Oliver, 24
Treon “Tree” Johnson, 27
Gabriella Monique Nevarez, 22
Marquise Jones, 23
Kenneth Christopher Lucas, 38
Keith Atkinson, 31
Yvette Smith, 45
D’Andre Berghardt Jr., 20
Stephon Averyhart, 27
Anthony Bartley, 21
Earnest Satterwhite, Sr., 68
Anneson Joseph, 28
Alton Reaves, 31
McKenzie Cochran, 25
Cornelius Turner, 19
Eldrin Loren Smart, 31
Henry Jackson, 19
Jordan Baker, 26
Gregory Vaughn Hill Jr., 30
Paul Smith, 58
Jeffrey Ragland, 50
Kendall Alexander, 34
Are you disgusted yet? Even one name on this list is too long.
Then it's time to make a real impact in change by boycotting Major stores and malls, stop spending your dollars in the cities where this abuse and blatant disregard for human life , especially blacks in American lives frequently occuring "

political or corporate America only listens when it is affecting their way of life  and locking up more young blacks is a benefit to their institutions ( JAIL ) plus they use the riots as an agenda to promote and push for more funds from government and make new laws to weaken our constitrional rights so rather than falling into their hands HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS!!!

No need for  looting rioting and having the possibility of getting hurt killed or arrested it is now time to use our consumer buying power to our advantage"
Buy outside of your city where this injustice is occurring "
Put major stores and malls to a complete halt and demand that our government and politicians hear us "
We need changes in the way our police work in minority comunities , We need more body cams , A more affective community relations with the public and the police , We need ACCOUNTABILITY when an officer is found guilty of wrong doing by changing the BLUE CODE  the hiden silence and protection to police regardless of what they do must stop  by creating an outside independent agency to investigate the police.

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Why the Better Business Bureau Should Give Itself a Bad Grade
The B.B.B is scamming legit companies out of money"
BBB. Better Business Bureau. This company name is ironic by nature of its name and within the upcoming “uncovering” of BBB, I am going to Is BBB a Scam?
show you why they cannot be trusted and why their “positive” ratings are more often than not “bought” and the negative ratings are the result of companies not wanting to pay off the mobsters over at BBB. In other words…
How would you feel if the rating company you trusted was being paid off?

That is the reality of what is taking place within BBB. Companies that PAY MONEY can defend their reviews, companies that don’t think it is right to have to pay BBB cannot defend their reviews. Not only this, people cannot go to BBB to post positive reviews if that given company is not paying the Better Business Bureau, so they have worked to create a system that forces companies to fatten their pockets because there system itself is geared to make every single company look negative.

“You must be accredited to be able to get a positive review, and if you do not pay, you do not get a good rating.”

So you could be running a remarkable business, you could have millions of customers worldwide that absolutely rave about your company, but if you have failed to pay BBB, there is no way to get a good rating and there is only going to be the allowance for negative reviews within your company profile. You may be reading this and you are faced with the decision of whether or not you should “pay” to get accredited within the BBB, I want to help you make this decision.
Is BBB Accreditation Worth it?

BBB accreditation is a huge cash grab. Before you start thinking that I am just disgruntled about the service in general, let me explain my position on it and and why I don’t think the accreditation is worth it. Or better said, why I think the accreditation is a bit of a hoax.

Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario…

A totally legit company runs a very successful business. They have a competitor that complains on their BBB profile and gives them a bad rating (purposely). The company is then required to “pay” BBB and become accredited if they want to get back a good rating. This accreditation can range from $400 per year to $1,000’s per year, depending on the size of the company.

In essence, it is a one way rankings site that ONLY allows you to help folks that complain if you pay BBB a sum of money every eyar.

To be honest, you are literally feeding the BBB MONSTER if you get accredited. If people stopped paying them for their ludicrous service, then they would get the hint that their entire business is a complete scam and it would force them to change.

Do they really deserve to be paid for only allow “bad” and often times “fake” negatives to be posted about your company?

That is up to you. If you do pay them though, you are the reason they are in business with such a fraudulent service. Yes, it will allow you to get a better grading, so ultimately in may be a business decision.

Me personally, I refrain from feeding them any BUSINESS because of their unethical approach to ratings and the fact that I like to operate off of principle.
F rating out of hundreds of thousands of clients that are happy? (Personal Story)

I have a personal experience to share with you.

We have never followed BBB because we have known about their scam for quite some time, however many folks that have no clue how the BBB really operates fall for the ratings.

As a result, they often times are falling for companies that are scams, but paid BBB.

Other times, they dont’ choose companies because of an F rating simply because those companies are unwilling to pay BBB for better ratings.

Our company (Wealthy Affiliate) has been in business since 2005 and has been noted as the most trustworthy Internet Marketing training platform and service in the industry, in fact, it has been indepedently reviewed with “glowing” remarks by over 50,000 independent websites.

In fact, we only have 1 product complaint within BBB in 8 years in business…

BBB Product ComplaintsOut of 100,000’s of customers, we have 1 complaint. Not bad right?

Well, not according to BBB. We have the following rating.

Because we REFUSE to pay BBB money to get accredited and pay them for a better ranking, they have granted us an F rating with ONE, yes 1 product complaint in 8 years. Compare that to 50,000 independent reviews online that offer us positive reviews, and you will realize how useful [sarcasm goes here] BBB has become for providing product information.

And here is the kicker. There are companies with 1,000’s of complaints in BBB that are paying for “accrediation” (buying their rating) with A+ ratings. Go figure.
BBB is like having a “dislike” button without a “like” button

BBB is unlike any other rating system in the world. Go to any credible site, TripAdvisor.com for example and you will be able to leave either a positive or negative review about a company. This creates trust and creates well rounded company reviews that help you make a decision on your purchase right? Absolutely!

TripAdvisor.com Ethical ReviewsBBB works a little differently, if you want to allow “positive” reviews, you have to pay for them. If you don’t, they are going to continue to only allow “negative” reviews.

Plain and simple, if you are still using BBB to review companies, you need to reconsider. It is an “old school” way of gathering information and I think that after reading this you may realize that it is not a good way to capture accurate company information. Companies can easily buy high ratings and many of the best companies in the world have low ratings because out of principle, they are not willing to pay BBB for a dated service that few people really benefit from.
Are Better Business Bureau Approved Work at Home Jobs Trustworthy?

I guess based on everything that you have learned, the answer is no. These days you are much better to search the Internet for unbiased reviews, seek out complaints from companies (not through BBB), and to do your own personal due diligence when looking to find a trust worthy “work at home” opportunity.

As you have probably gathered from my review, there is a reason why companies don’t pay BBB for a higher rating and because of this, the actual ratings should not be trusted. There are a few legitimate work at home jobs that bode well within BBB although they have a low rating (like Wealthy Affiliate, 3 complaints in 8 years…pretty damn good in my opinion).

If you want to find out whether a work from home job/opportunity is bbb approved, then you can check it out on bbb.org. Just know that these reviews will carry little value in respect to the actual product quality. Ratings are bought and there are lots (LOTS) of legitimate companies that you could benefit from that simply are not willing to pay into the BBB scam.

Do you have an experience with the Better Business Bureau that you would like to share? I am sure there are many of you reading this that have some really great stories and I would love to hear them. Please leave them within my comments below.
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