Sunday, January 23, 2011

WITHOUT LOVE THERE IS NO PEACE ....♥ Where LOVE is absent , war of some kind is inevitable.

I have heard it said that the earth is being bombarded by huge amounts f electromagnetic energy , A bombardment that then expresses itself in droughts, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes,. 
Anyone who has ever witness a child's birth wh has seen a woman move through the phases of pregnancy or has been pregnant herself knows the enormous amount of energy released when life pushes against it's boundaries. Life perpetuates itself through energetic outburst , much as an engine tuned on.
The earth which reflects our moods in ways the ancients understood but the modern mind has forgotten , is now bursting forth in seemingly chaotic ways, It is trying to shake off the toxins of our miscreations, physical and emotional. It will propel humanity into our next phase of development, whether the transition before us is easy or not.
These fearful so-called earth changes are actually the earth expressing itself dangerously when we have chosen not to express ourselves creatively.
We have the power to affect those change, to harness the energy of the earth which is also within us. The ways of worship, of genuine spiritual devotion, are rites by which we alchemize our world both within and without . As we transform the energies inside ourselves, we transform the energies of earth.
We must stop looking to our leaders to bolster our mass denials or problems, We must stop perpetuating the illusion that the right government or right technology or right armies can fix our problems ..STOP PASSING THE BUCK!!! we humans are like missiles that must change our course like electrons energies that must focus on positive thought - positive change unilaterally and globally .
We must exert the energy it takes to change our direction in midstream. Every single one of us it is necessary to create the force field that will lead us into species reversal with every prayer everyone meditating every positive thought of LOVE PEACE KINDNESS HUMILITY RESPECT AND CHARITY but change has to start with YOU"

 We can find many reasons or excuses for failing or not getting involved , We can pass blame say we're not rich enough or strong enough but there is power in numbers , this planet has over 6.3 billion people and so WE need to change our mindset and way of thinking and unify globally to make change happen but change must start with YOU"

more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe:
practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget.
Do more than dream: work. By: William Arthur Ward

 take this LOVE and POSITIVE information and... PAY IT FORWARD" ♥

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