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A NOTE TO MY FAMILY & FRIENDS READERS OF MY POSTS : My feelings beliefs philosophy or thoughts on Life humanity politics religion or merely sociological problems are just my own personal opinion. they are not etched in stone not ment to be written into law and I am not advocating people to follows me, I am not running for politics not creating a new religion not trying to become a messiah just merely sharing positive information and trying to pass on WAKE UP!! knowledge to the masses so that we can salvage what ever is left of humanity and society
Now I am not going preach to you and tell you whats wrong and just speak about it without first BEING ABOUT IT"
When I ask others to help volunteer it's because I get involved and volunteer .
When and if I ask others to contribute or donate to cause it's because I donate also .
There are too many false leaders preachers teachers and wanna be prophets that talk a good game can quote bible verse with a strong convincing voice and tell you what God wants or likes or what to Bible says but beyond that they never get involved in thweir community with their neighbors and I don't mean just knocking on doors preaching the word Jesus and many other Bible figures got involved in helping the poor the meek the sick the children the elderly etc: and today there are millions of so called religious people out there that can put on a suit or their Sunday best grab a Bible pay their tithing to the church say a couple of prayers greet all the nice well dressed church goers then go to I-Hop and you've done your Godly duty.
So this is not about religion not about who's right or wrong not even about YOU! this is about helping to do what's morally right . realizing that what's been happening on this planet the decay the brake down the decease the pollution is all man made.
WE allowed this to happen and regardless of who or what you believe CHANGE starts with YOU.
i''m not here to debate nor argue play who's right or what's right or wrong I am merely pointing out that we human beings need to individually take responsibility for our actions and begin to change our ways and our mindset and BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE'
So before you try to attack me or what I feel believe or say remember I don't care if your Budda Muslim Catholic Jehovah Witness or atheist I'm not here to judge you or your beliefs but rather than waste time preaching and debating or arguing about what or who is right GET INVOLVED in the CHANGE .
Don't follow a religion group sect or belief because you were told that if you don't change your going to hell or purgatory or will spend eternity in damnation so if your doing this for fear instead of LOVE for God and life do it because it's morally mentally physically and spiritually right because the way of the world's crazy life brings nothing but pain problems hate greed jealousy envy crime etc: you should want to progress in your life with and through God in a way that makes you feel great about waking up every day , like you have a new understanding towards life and the roll you play in it, where you see life nature humanity the world and it's universe with LOVE in your heart... it's time to stop taking advantage of what life has to offer and learn to cultivate and duplicate what we learned with others. If you used fear or intimidation to scare your children in the past they will eventually rebel against you and do what they want the same applies with policing governemnt strick laws and intimidation it will not work for too long' UNIFICATION RESPECT FAIR BARGAINING KINDNESS LOVE CHARITY AND HONESTY is the new tomorrow...
AND DON'T COME BACK KICKING BIBLE VERSES AT ME LIKE A COP OUT!! learn to put the Bible down and pick up a broom a hammer some groceries and get involved in your community with your neighbors helping the needy the poor visiting the sick and I don't mean just those in your congregation or church and don't just do it ones a week like on Sundays so you could meet your religious quota because in all reality it's not about religion it's about humanity it's about looking at the world and waking up from the MATRIX of the same robotic pattern you've been conditioned to live as a slave to society the economy and our present day politics and finally braking the chains of stupidity ignorance greed envy hate prejudice and a false pride driven by our ego's and finally making a difference.

James 2: 14-17,What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.


HE CITIZEN'S HANDBOOK: practical assistance for those who want to make a difference:Grassroots Wilt

How citizens' groups destroy themselves
One largely overlooked cause of low levels of citizen involvement is the internal dynamics of all-volunteer groups. Lack of attention to what can go wrong inside a group means countless grassroots initiatives wither and die without achieving anything. The poblem is quite simply that many citizens groups drive away their most able members. In a typical arc, a new member will step forth to work with others on some public issue, last for a relatively short time, then disappear back into private life, never to be heard from again. A glimmer of green then nothing. What causes grassroots rot?

Too little fun
Long-term activists have fun when they get together. Many enjoy making fun of people in power. People who take themselves too seriously can turn any task into a chore. Getting together should feel more like recreation than work, no matter how serious the issue. Those who understand citizen involvement stress the importance of having fun over all other considerations.
Too much emphasis on organization and too little on mission
Hoping to become more organized, many small groups create little bureaucracies that drain everyone's energy. Often so much effort goes into maintaining the organization there is little left to pursue the reason for creating an organization in the first place. Beware of boards, forming a non-profit society, writing grant applications, fundraising, annual reports, Roberts Rules of Order and the other components of organizational quicksand.

Too many meetings and too little action.
Most people would prefer to act on something concrete rather than sit at a meeting wrangling or trying to "reach consensus". Some meetings are usually necessary, but try to keep the frequency down, the time short, and the number of participants small.
A related problem is too much deciding and too little creating.
Every advocacy group needs to generate options for action. To do this well, participants need to switch off their Voice of Judgment and brainstorm. Unfortunately, when people get together for a meeting they usually switch on their Voice of Judgment in preparation for decision making. If they remain in this critical frame of mind, they will generate few options for action; nothing will get done, and no one will have any fun.

Too many people
Because of the emphasis on getting more people involved, many people feel that large groups are better than small groups. This is a mistake. A working group should not exceed nine people. This is the upper limit of what sociologists call a primary group. A small group does not preclude working with others under the umbrella of a larger group; nor does it prelude communicating with larger numbers of people through email networks, special events and annual conventions.

The wrong people
Because building democracy and community involves working with others, most people assume they should welcome anyone interested in joining. But this wholesome impulse can lead to rapid decline. Few are willing to admit what is obvious in any grassroots group: some people are assets and others are liabilities. While every group can handle a small portion of people who are very angry, or very combative, or very controlling, or very lonely, or very long-winded, or really out-to-lunch, as the ratio of these people increases, level-headed, friendly, competent people begin to leave. As the imbalance increases, even more leave until the group is reduced to a grim residue. Those interested in growing the grassroots need to address this all too common phenomenon.
See also the research on the strong negative influence of Bad Apples.

Too little contact
It is hard for people to maintain a working relationship when they see one another once a month. Once a week is best, not only because it is more frequent but because it fits into the way people schedule other activities. If regular face-to-face contact is difficult, regular phone calls or email may work as a substitute. More attention needs to be paid to unplanned getting together one of the traditional sources of community. Much of it used to occur on the street before cars took over. Today it occurs in the workplace, in places designed to enhance community such as co-housing, and in pubs if you live in Great Britain.

Too little time
The greatest barrier to participating in public life is the shortage of discretionary free time. In surging market economies people spend most of their time working and consuming, leaving little time for friends and family, and no time for civic involvement.

Too short term
If a group has coalesced around accomplishing a particular end, participants need to realize that keeping up the pressure over an extended time is essential. Expectations of quick victory need to be tempered with the understanding that opponents to change are most often successful just because they hold out longer. They know if they don't budge, most activists will become discouraged and retreat back into private life. Citizen's groups need to maintain their enthusiasm and recognize that if their cause is just, they will indeed prevail. As Gandhi said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. But it takes time.

Objectives outmatch resources
Groups of nine or less can often manage on personal resources. But as group size increases, a shortage of money and time usually leads to spiraling decline. Without paid staff there is no one to look after organizational housekeeping, and no one to train, manage and reward volunteers. As people disappear, many potential grassroots leaders burn out trying to do more and more themselves. A lack of resources does not mean giving up. It does mean inventing clever ways to use time, connections and skills.

In summary: limit group size, make sure members enjoy one another's company, have fun, and avoid stretching resources.

What makes us human is our capacity to love. Love is that quality that erases prejudice and moves us to forgive, gives us peace of mind in a turbulent world, and keeps us sane.

Love sees broken souls and heals them. Love hears plaintive cries and answers. Love discerns a need and fulfills it. Love does not see color, race or features; love sees people.

Yes, we are imperfect. Our love is imperfect but the power of love overshadows its imperfections. The power of love knows no boundaries, no walls. It holds no record of misgivings but believes in second chances.

Love does not ask for anything in return. It is at times a self-sacrificing gift but it is given freely. For when we give love and see the difference that one act of love can make, the feeling is priceless, indescribable.

And in that one moment, we get a glimpse of the power contained in each of us, the power, not to change the world, but to change a part of the world. And then we see the power of our love working in unison, the power to change the world


I have made many changes in my life as for improvement and transformation morally mentally and spiritually and some psychical and am still working on more but remember I'm am NOT going to turn too soft nor too hard core but rather understand appreciate and accept the balance of life , knowing the ying and the yang and so I will be as meek and Christian like as Martin Luther King and speak of peace love and truth but also be as strong a Malcolm X and warn inform and expose the evils in our society "

and I say that because people think or assume that because I speak of the power of LOVE that I should refrain from posting some of the exposure things that I do and just stick to my I LOVE YOU postings and that would be phony of me because it is because I truly LOVE you that I must not only duplicate myself my thoughts concerns and my actions of positivity to you all but also help to open your eyes to the impending dangers corruptions deceits manipulations and lies being fed to us by people and agency's we are suppose to trust and believe in.
it is because I LOVE you that I want you to know the truth and prepare yourselves.
it is because I LOVE you that I spill my guts about my experiences and how I feel so that I can share that gift of inner positive spiritual change with you all and not ACT or be selfish .
it is because I LOVE you that I won't walk in front of you nor behind you but side by side as brothers & sisters of this planet and universe so DON'T TELL ME TO JUST PUT FLOWERS IN MY HAIR HOLD A BIBLE AND SING HAPPY SONGS and act like some kind of brain washed robotic religious fanatic!!! because I sleep with one eye open and one eye closed or both eyes closed but THE THIRD EYE OPEN!!!
and with that said: I LOVE YOU ALL ♥

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